Water Vapour Permeability Tester

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Water vapour permeability of leather is evaluated by clamping a circular test specimen over the mouth of a bottle containing a solid desiccant and subjecting it to a rapid current of air. The air inside the bottle is circulated in weight if the desiccant in motion. The increase in weight of the bottle over a specified interval of time gives the quantitative measure of the water vapor permeability of the leather sample under test.


Related standard

  • Iup/25 : official method of international union of leather Chemists society
  • Is15298 (part - I) : method of physical testing of leather
  • ISO 8782-1 : 1998

Technical Specification

Speed of rotation of wheel 75rpm
Distance between axis of rotation and axes of bottle 67mm
Maximum number of bottle which can be mounted at a time 6
Inner diameter of bottles 30mm
Speed of rotation of fan 1425rpm
Size of blades of fan 75 x 90 mm
Motor ¼ HP 230 volt single phase AC

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