Motorized Button Pull Tester

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The Assessment of Snap Buttons, Rivetsetc Attachment Strength is an important Criterion especially in the Design and Manufacturer Garments for infants and Children Wear. The measurement of a Uniform Force Applied to the Snap Attachment shall be recorded by means of a force measuring device.


Features :-

The assessment of snap buttons, rivets etc attachment strength is an important criterion especially in the design and manufacturer of garments for infants and children wear. The measurement of a uniform forceapplied to the snap attachment shall be recorded by means of a force measuring device.


Package Details :-

  • Main unit - 01 No.
  • Jaw 1for Button Pull Strength (any Button) - 01 No.
  • Jaw 2 for Snap Pull Strength (Male & Female) - 01 No.
  • Jaw 1for Snap Pull Strength (For Male) - 01 No.
  • Accessories Box (Plastic) - 01 No.
  • Mains Lead with plug - 01 No.
  • Detailed User’s Manual - 01 No.
  • Calibration - 01 No.

Technical Details

Capacity of tester 0-50Kg
Least Count 10g
Speed of the machine (speed option can be Varied as per customer Requirement) 80 mm Per/min.
Panel Switches Push Switch for load, unload & stop
Over load protection Micro-Switch for overload protection
Warranty 1 year

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