Handy Moisture Meter

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The definitive general purpose molsture meter for builcllng surveying, timber inspection and a very broad range oi other applitions.

The Mini moisture meter series has been the choice for theusands of users across the world for more than 30 years. The enduring popularity and success oi these instruments is attributable to their versetilly, simple design. robust on-nslructinn and ease of use.

Typical users include:

  • Wood product manufacturers and lraders
  • Carpet manufacturer
  • Cormgated box manufaciurer
  • Jute bags manuiaclurer
  • Packing industlies

Mini & Digital Mini Protimeter Moisture Meters
The definitive gemerai purpose moisture meters for building surveying, timber inspeciton and very broad range of other applications such as corrugated boxes and carpet etc.


Type Moisture Meter
Certification CE Certified
Weight 300-400gm, 400-500g
Color Available in Many Colors
Usage Moisture Measurement
Display Type Digital
Frequency 50Hz-65Hz
Automatic Grade Automatic


Protimeter instruments Mini Digital Mini
Part No. BLD2000 BLD5702
Weight, including Batteries (g) 150 200
Dimensions (mm) 180x29x49 170x40x53
Display LED LCD & LED
Batteries 9V 6F22 9V 6F22
Measure Mode
No. of wood Calibration Scales 1 1
Measurement Range % WME 6 to 90 6.0 to 99.9
Search Mode
Relative Scale Range n/a Colour Coded
Normal Depth of Measurement n/a 10mm

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