Veslic Rubbing Fastness Tester

Veslic Rubbing Fastness Tester


Dimensions of Felt Piece 15×15×5.5mm
Dimensions of the Test Specimen 200×50mm
Initial Distance B/w Clamps 80±5mm
Load On the Finger 4.9±0.1n & 9.8n±0.2n
Length of Travel of the Finger 35±2mm
Rubbing Frequency 40±2rpm
Counter Three Digit Pre-set Type with Memory Back-up
Motor Synchronous Motor .20kg Cm Rating

My Q Veslic rubbing fastness tester is designed for determining the color fastness of leather, plastics and textile
materials.The colorfastness is assessed by checking change in color of the specimen and stain of the felt after rubbing
the specimen. Both dry and wet tests can be made by this machine.
My Q Veslic rubbing fastness tester consists of a rigid flat metallic platform on which the test specimen can be held
firmly and a rubbing finger that rubs against it under a specified load. The platform is fixed over the base of the
equipment and lies in a horizontal plane. The test specimen is held firmly over the platformwith the help of two clamps holding it at both ends.
The specimen-mounting platform is in two parts. The fixed part of the platform is held firmly on the base of the tester,while the movable part can be moved away from the fixed part after the test specimen is mounted over the
platform to subject it to an initial extension.
The abrading finger has a flat square shaped cavity in it, in which a square shaped felt piece can be held during the
test. The felt piece picks up color lost by the specimen during rubbing motion to the finger is given through
areciprocating arm, which runs on two ball-bearings to minimize friction and to apply a uniform load on the finger.
The arm is moved by a motor- operated crank and connecting link. A pre-set counter records the number of abrading
cycles, as well as switches off the motor after a desired number of rubs. You can evaluate the result by help of Grey Scales.


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  • SATRA PM 173-1995 , DIN EN ISO 11640-1998, ISO 11640-1993, IULTCS/IUS 450-1993, DIN EN ISO
  • 17700-2005, ISO20344-2994, CLAUSE 7.3

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