Toe Cap Impact Tester

Toe Cap Impact Tester

Technical Data

Height of fall 1020 ± 10 mm
Mass of falling block 10 ± 01 kg and 200 ± 02 kg
Impact energy 100 ± 2 joule and 20 CL ± 4 joule
Striker wedge shaped having an included angle of 900, Length of at least 60mm, edge rounded to 3 mm radius h
Clamping block 150 x 150 x 23 mm, hardness 60 HRC
Base Block 400 x 400 x 40 mm approx

The toe portion of shoes used industrial applications or used in mines shall be sufficiently rigid so as not to get pressed down beyond a specified limit when a heavy block falls down on it, thus preventing crushing of or injury to the toe of the user. The toes of miner's safety boots or industrial shoes are generally reinforced with steel toe cap to provide rigidity to them. Whether these toe-caps are sufficient robust so as to fulfill their desired function is ascertained by subjecting the toe-cap assembled in a cut-out shoe to an impact by a falling weight in suitable equipment. The toe-cap shall not press down beyond a specified limit during the impact.


Related Specification

  • EN 344-1993 : Requirements and test methods for safety, Protective and occupational footwear
  • for professional use.
  • IS 15298 (Part I) : 2002
  • ISO : 8782 – 1 : 1998

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