Penetrometer Water Resistance Tester

Penetrometer Water Resistance Tester


Type Resistance Tester
Color Multicolor
Usage Control Panels, Industrial Use, Power Grade Use
Frequency 66Hz
Power Source Electric
Features Easy To Use
Warranty 2years
Automation Grade Automatic


The uppers of shoes get folded over the toe portion every time a step is taken. These repeated folding cause the finished grains to start cracking, resulting in loss of water resistance to ensure that the leather uppers retain their water resistance for a reasonable period of use, the action of such folding on them is simulated by subjecting test specimens taken from the leather to a water penetration test using an electrometer.

In this test, the test specimens are held in form of thoughts between two cylindrical grips one of the grips is then repeatedly moved towards and away from the other along their common axis, the test specimens are kept immersed in a water bath unto a part of their

periphery. Penetration is detected when electric conductivity is established between the inside and outside surfaces of the test specimens. The time needed to cause penetration of water through the test specimens is determined and taken as an index of water-resistance of the leather. The test can be continued to determine the per cent gain of weight of the specimen due to water absorption and also to determine the mass of water that has transmitted over a known time interval.


Technical Data

  • Dimensions of test specimens: 60mm x 70mm
  • Number of test specimens tested at a time: 3-4
  • The diameter of cylindrical grip : 30mm
  • Flexing frequency: 50 cycles per minute
  • Travel of moving grip : 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0mm
  • Motor: ¼ HP single phase 230 volts AC



  • IUP/10: Official Methods of International Union of Leather Chemists societies.
  • IS 5914: 1970: Methods of Physical Testing of Leather
  • LP 20: Dynamic Water Proof-ness Test for Upper Leather
  • IS 15298 (Part 1): 2002: Water Penetration & Water Absorption tester
  • ISO: 8782-1:1998

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